About Us

A-meenah, is the standard for Pakistani high end fashion in the UK. The e-store has established itself as the prime go-to retailer for premium Pakistani fashion. The store is well stocked with the latest offerings from the likes of Elan and Sana Safinaz and continues to expand its vibrant collection. Our motto, ‘There is always a reason’, highlights the character of our brand. One that aims to set a trend of taking up and accepting the fine things in life, the premium that there is, the crème de la crème.

Connecting millions of expatriates with their homeland, A-meenah provides trendy, affordable clothes mixed in with luxury brands that are still within reach. Serving a huge market of fashionistas who love to adorn themselves in the latest trends followed in their homeland, A-meenah is committed to its mission of bridging the distance by providing its clientele with what they are missing. Apart from the Asian community, Pakistani clothing lines are admired by other communities for the quality of its textile, finesse of its texture, and comfortable yet chic appeal. To accept and absorb in a humanly way, to appreciate the worth of luxury. We aim to deliver on this. That is A-meenah.

Mission Statement

To establish itself as the leading retailer of premium Pakistani fashion brands in the United Kingdom. To excel in customer service and quality assurance. And to strive to attain and leave a lasting and sustainable impression on the UK’s Fashion industry, the local community and the wider world.