Creative director

The founder and brainchild of A-meenah, Nawaz Qurban, has had a deep-rooted foot in the fashion industry from an early age. With his father and elder siblings owning and operating various fashion outlets from shoe production warehouses to Asian clothing outlets across London, his ardent passion for fashion is somewhat innate.

His zeal for style coupled with a strong background in Fashion Design he decided to further his creative thirst and establish his own design house. In 2017, whilst working as a Financial Consultant in London's Square Mile he concurrently thought-out and put in to motion design, manufacture and retailing of the A-meenah line. The first ever set of ready-to-wear designs embodied the innovative founder in many ways; an international cross-over of British heritage coupled with Pakistani artistic flair. An ode to Victorian fashion mixed with Pakistani inspired tailoring, the first humble silk laden designs paved the way for future A-meenah lines.

Lovingly named after his daughter, Mr Nawaz has worked tirelessly and dutifully to ensure that his vision is a success. Credit to his business acumen, within a short timeframe A-meenah has seen remarkable growth, especially in the social media community and season after season loyal clients eagerly anticipate the next A-meenah launch.


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